Set the Scene for MARS ATTACKS with a Scenery Upgrade Pack!

September 28, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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What could possibly make MARS ATTACKS any better? More scenery perhaps? You got it!

Per Mantic:

The battle for Greenville takes place through the ruins of this once thriving middle-American town. Smashed buildings, rubble and broken glass form the hauntingly urban backdrop for this unearthly invasion.

Scenery Upgrade
Mantic Games is taking pre-orders for the Scenery Upgrade Pack! This pack has more brick ruins, more debris and more connectors! In short, MORE! The set provide you with 6 X Ruins sprues, 2 X Accessory sprues and 1 X Connector sprue.
Will Greenville be sporting this upgrade in your game?

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