Under A Week Before The Aliens Of Mars Attacks Arrive!

September 27, 2013 by brennon

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Mars Attacks is now under a week away and as a special surprise we've run away from Mantic with another awesome image of the game. This time it shows off the heroes, the villains and the terrain!

Mars Attacks In Action!

This shows off Buddy and Brandi (albeit the wrong way round!) and some of the aliens storming out of a ruined building. I wonder who is going to win this close encounter of the weird kind?





Some more sketches have arrived as well for their variety of different heroes that will be coming in the boxed game and as stretch goals I imagine. The art for this game is looking pretty awesome and as I have stressed before while it might not be up my alley I think others are going to be very happy with this release.

What do you think of this Mars Attacks news?

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