Mega Mantic Open Day Hitting On May 17th!

May 15, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games are running one of their awesome Open Days on May 17th at their new residence at 193 Hempshill Lane, Bulwell, Nottingham and there seems to be quite the selection in terms of events!

Kings of War

Mars Attacks

As you might have guessed from the epic logo above there is going to be some Kings of War going down amongst other things...

  • Azure Forest Tournament (DreadBall)
  • Deadzone Campaign Day
  • Learn to Play! Mars Attacks
  • Learn to Play! Deadzone
  • Learn to Play! DreadBall
  • Massive KoW participation game
  • Project Pandora special demo
  • Warlord Games will be in attendance with Bolt Action and Judge Dredd demos
  • Alessio will be running a Loka tournament.
  • In the morning (between 11am and 2pm), Kai and Sarah will be running a mini event for 7-13 year olds – build some models, non-playing parents can grab a cup of tea and a seat and learn to paint, giving our gaming parents a chance to enjoy some of the morning’s fun.  (Children enter free with their parents!).


Project Pandora

The big thing of interest to me is that they're bringing back Project Pandora and showing that game off in a special game. Does this mean we could be seeing a bit more on this game in the future or is it just to show off some Warpath love?

It's neat to see that Mantic have also embraced the chance to have other companies at the event too and Warlord Games will be demoing Judge Dredd which is a very, very cool system even if the models aren't quite up to scratch.

  • There will be display cabinets with some unseen goodies, lots of Mars Attacks and DreadBall Xtreme, so do feel free to come along and view them if you’re interested!
    We might even have some NEW Deadzone goodies too…
  • Stewart will be doing a Studio tour
  • There is a possibility of a sculpting event – watch the Facebook page for more details!
  • Ronnie and Jake will be doing seminars on Kickstarters, Q and A and generally getting the pulse of the community, so if you’ve got any questions you want to ask, please attend there.
  • Of course, Kai will be on patrol during the afternoon to get you onto the Newsletter and chat too, and Chris will be stopping by each table of games to say hiya.

Here is a map of the location and the area around Bullwell station which seems to be the best stop by train to get there! Ignore the actual Google Maps Location (and the address on the map here) but instead look where the pin is and for the building below.

Actual Location

Mantic Building

As well as that some Backstagers are planning on a meet-up the night before and you can get into the discussion on that by heading to the forum post HERE.

Sounds like it's going to be a massive day!

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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