Learn More About Mantic’s Survivors For Mars Attacks

September 21, 2013 by brennon

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Mantic are keeping the Mars Attacks previews coming with some looks at more of the poor human survivors who have been dragged into the shenanigans of alien invasion...


"Ashley thought she had it all planned out. She knew which colleges she wanted to apply for by her first day of high school. She’d plotted a career plan before her fourteenth birthday. By the night of her prom, she could have told you every significant event in her life up to retirement."


"If you ever went to the Greenville Tavern, you’d know Joe. He was the kind of guy who had his own seat at the bar, and was there every night. Buy him a drink and he’d tell you how he had it all – His own auto repair shop, a beautiful wife, two kids, a home in the suburbs with a deck and a pool. He was living the American dream! Then he’ll go quiet, and finish his bourbon, and order another one.  Good luck getting him to tell you what changed, or why he’s worked almost a dozen jobs in half a dozen towns over the past five years."

Some pretty interesting characters to look forwards to. It's always nice to know that these poor innocent human beings are going to be embroiled in some utter chaos when the game actually hits. Also if you remember Buddy and Brandi see what you think of their renders below...

Buddy & Brandi 3D Render

Bring on the game and the almost guaranteed mass of extra rewards that will come with a Mars Attacks Kickstarter from Mantic. With these guys being able to push out practically everything for DreadBall and Deadzone on the way it looks like they have got the formula worked out when it comes to fundraising.

However, is a Mars Attacks game going to interest you? We have seen a lot of hype about it around but how many of you are fans of the background and looking forwards to this? This isn't to attack the game in any way, I'm just interested to see what folk are looking forwards to about this.

Will you be funding this?

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