Escape To Humblewood With Hit Point Press On Kickstarter

March 20, 2019 by brennon

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Hit Point Press is now on Kickstarter looking to fund a new campaign setting for 5th Edition. Welcome to Humblewood.

Humblewood - The Deck Of Many

Here's some of the fluff behind the world created by this team...

"In the world of Everden, nestled between the mighty Crest mountain range and the vast marshes of the Mokk Fields, lies a mystical forest known as Humblewood that hums with the Great Rhythm of nature. It has been ruled for generations by the birdfolk who inhabit the Great Tree-City of Alderheart. Humblewood has endured for centuries thanks to the industry and compassion of its people..."

Humblewood (Map) - The Deck Of Many

...but now the fires have come, and the Woods have been thrown into chaos. Flames ravage the land and destroy the homes of the humblefolk, stoking a growing resentment against the birdfolk, whose cities have managed to avoid the worst of the fires so far. Hatred burns in the hearts of those who have lost lives they cherished, and these once peaceful peoples now take up the sword and turn to banditry. The disaffected turn their gaze on Alderheart and threaten to reduce an age of peace to ashes... 

...yet there is still hope. Even in these dark times, brave heroes can be found within the Wood. Only they can quell the raging flames that have been unleashed upon the land, and restore balance to the realm. Will you answer the call? "

Sounds pretty awesome already right?

Races Of Humblewood

The team have put a lot of effort into bringing the various new races to life including the Birdfolk...

Humblewood Bird Folk - The Deck Of Many

...and the Humblefolk too. Inside their new tome you'll find rules for playing as all ten of these different races/factions whilst having to deal with dangers across the land including bandits and some more dangerous foes too!

Humblewood Humble Folk - The Deck Of Many

Monsters that prowl the land include the deadly Oozes and a range of mighty beasts plus the Elements Of Flame themselves which threaten to burn down the world built by your kind.

Pledge Options

There are a number of different option for someone looking to get involved with this campaign setting. You can pick up just the basic Campaign Book which comes with all of the playable races, a bestiary and ideas for telling stories within this world.

Humblewood Pledge - The Deck Of Many

But, you can also get the awesome boxed set which comes with the campaign book, additional quick reference cards, a battle mat and also a range of standees which can be used to identify your characters and their foes.

There is also a wonderfully presented box which comes with fancy dice and all sorts of props and tools to help bring Humblewood to life.

Miniature Add-Ons

The five playable birdfolk are also available as a set of miniatures as an Add-On if you choose. We have seen one of them here...

Humblewood Add-On Miniature - Hit Point Press

More are coming but the team are still working on converting them so watch this space.

I think it's great that more people are expanding on what 5th Edition offers and using it to bring artwork and worlds like this to life. As someone who likes their Burrows & Badgers, I am immediately drawn to this, although I'm sure that's no surprise to many!

Will you be checking out Humblewood?

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