Hunt Through The Ruins Of A Broken World With Puppets War’s Stalkers

April 27, 2018 by brennon

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Puppets War has been doing some sterling work recently and their newest range of Sci-Fi models are looking awesome. Check out their new Stalkers set.

Stalkers - Puppets War

The kit gives you ten different bodies with a bedraggled and dangerous look to them as if they have been fighting through the wasteland for years. You then get a range of different heads, each wearing gas masks. They are also wearing hoods, and gorram it I LOVE hoods.

Stalkers Bits - Puppets War

I have no idea what game I would use these for, maybe Necromunda? Either way, the set is looking fantastic and it comes with some high tech guns as well. I like the idea of you each taking on the role of one of these Stalkers and playing out a cooperative game against 'something' on the tabletop, maybe a dangerous beast?

What do you think?

"They are also wearing hoods, and gorram it I LOVE hoods..."

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