The Immortals Arrive In Eden From Happy Games Factory

December 8, 2017 by thisisazrael

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The team at Happy Games Factory have another release for Eden to see out the year with a new starter box featuring The Immortals.

Eden Immortals Starter Box

The Immortals are all about self-improvement and will use any means to do it, including bio-mechanics.

The box contains Lug a master strategist, Ouranos, a steel titan and Ares, the ultimate warrior.

Eden Immortals Starter Box Minis

Here's a bit of background on what makes Ares in particular so outstanding in the Eden universe:

"The child was born with a perfect body, and when growing up he became stronger and faster. As soon as he was old enough to fight, he trained, and spent his time to make his body stronger, learning, knowing vital points of each creature...

"In any other Eden's faction, he would have been the most acclaimed warrior of his generation, except that he was born as an Immortal, and here, natural perfection is not enough."

"Today, this body that nature has given him no longer exists, and the young man has become Ares, a perfect warrior, more machine than human. He is now a cold and calculating Immortal, and his being is shaped by the fight."

Alongside the minis and character profile cards, you'll also get three mission cards and seven tactics cards to spice up your gameplay.

What do you think of this new starter box?

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