Indie Design Mag BLASTER: Volume 2 Download Is Up!

November 12, 2020 by brennon

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BLASTER: Volume 2, a superb magazine helmed by some of the brightest indie design minds in the industry, is now available for you to download.

Blaster Volume II

BLASTER: Volume 2

BLASTER: Volume 2 comes with expansions and additional content for a selection of games plus something new on occasion too. For example, in this instalment of the magazine, you'll find work by Mike Hutchinson and Sean Sutter, Joey McGuire, Joseph A. McCullough and Ash Barker. This breaks down into...

  • Mystic Skies - Mike Hutchinson and Sean Sutter
  • This Is Not A Test: Masters of the Wild (Part 2) - Joey McGuire
  • Shadowgrave, Part I – Joseph A. McCullough
  • Last Days: Evolutions – Ash Barker

In Mystic Skies you'll find yourself flying high above the desert on magic carpets in a fusion of the movement mechanics of Gasland and a brutal magic and combat system. In Masters Of The Wild we're finding out more information on introduces the likes of beast controllers and wild friends into the Post-Apocalyptic world of This Is Not A Test.

Shadowgrave explores introducing the Cthulhu mythos into the likes of Frostgrave, Ghost Archipelago and Rangers Of Shadow Deep. This includes rules for sanity, madness and permanent mental effects. You'll also find new scenarios for the various games and a host of terrifying creatures.

Lastly, you've got new threats for you to tackle in Last Days: Evolution as the undead become utterly terrifying in this re-theme of the original game. Are you tempted to tackle new Undead monstrosities?

I am totally on board with this kind of idea and I love seeing what these creative minds can come up with. Volume 1 was super good and I imagine this next entry will be just as fun!

Drop your thoughts below...

" I love seeing what these creative minds can come up with..."

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