Join The Night’s Watch With New Game Of Thrones LCG Expansion

December 23, 2016 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has announced the next deluxe expansion for A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition and it's getting mighty cold up in the North with Watchers On The Wall.

Watchers On The Wall

The new set of cards is no doubt going to boost the way Night's Watch play already. At present, the meta has shifted towards them and their ability to deny you cards and draw out the game with a gruelling victory as they simply defend The Wall.

Watchers Card Fan

Interestingly the new Jon Snow may take the place of Old Bear Mormont as he becomes more versatile in both attacking and defending. With a combined next featuring a handful of good Wilding characters to go on the attack and Night's Watch soldiers guarding the wall in defence, you could be impregnable. Well, until someone plays Valar Morghulis (a new plot which kills all characters in play).

Old Bear Mormont

The new version of Old Bear Mormont doesn't feature as cool a piece of artwork as the original but his effect is pretty powerful. With him you can start to reinforce the wall quite quickly if needed but you need to be going on the attack with something to force those characters into the dead pile.

Well, that's where Rattleshirt comes in. He is effectively a one man army, ambushing your foes if they have nothing to stand against him. Attachments are becoming incredibly important in the current state of the game and we may see some players digging them out of the core box!


This isn't to say that it's just the Night's Watch getting cards here. There will also be a smattering of new cards for the other factions too.

Watchers Card Fan (Extra)

Crow Killers works in tandem with your need to get behind enemy lines and start killing characters. Ser Jon Fossway might look like he doesn't quite fit the bill but as an antithesis to the Winter plots of Night's Watch a King of Summer deck and some Tourney For The King plots makes him a dangerous fellow, plus all of the other strength boosting effects open to the Tyrells.

This looks like it's going to be a good box taking the Night's Watch on the offensive!

"Interestingly the new Jon Snow may take the place of Old Bear Mormont as he becomes more versatile in both attacking and defending..."

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