Give The Kings Of War RPG A Go With New Quickstart

August 14, 2019 by brennon

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Red Scar Publishing has made a Quickstart Set available for those who want to dive in and try out the Kings Of War RPG.

Kings Of War RPG Quickstart - Red Scar Publishing

Included within the free download you'll find...

  • Leap straight into the action with an overview of the intuitive TriCore system, a lightweight ruleset that also offers plenty of options
  • A summary of Pannithor and its denizens, providing a brief overview of the rich lore that breathes life into the world
  • A free introductory adventure designed to introduce the GM and players to the fantastic setting and sharp rules
  • Six pre-generated characters drawn from across Mantica, allowing the GM and players to charge headlong into the action

This seems like a neat entry point for folks who want to give this a go before they dive in. Whilst yes, there are plenty of other roleplaying game systems out there for those who play Kings Of War, having a specific roleplaying game which also wants to bridge the game between the different games set within its universe is the draw.

KoW RPG Quickstart Characters- Red Scar Publishing

The six characters you get to choose from look nice and diverse. I love the badass looking Northern Alliance Elf and the swaggering draconic pirate!

Will you be giving this a download so you can try it out yourself?

"I love the badass looking Northern Alliance Elf and the swaggering draconic pirate!"

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Supported by (Turn Off)