KLUKVA’s Monsters Dwell Down In The Darkest Dungeons

May 27, 2019 by brennon

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KLUKVA Miniatures is joining forces with GeeKUndead on some new models inspired by the rather awesome video game, Darkest Dungeon.

Bandit - Klukva Miniatures

The collection of miniatures first appeared on Etsy and went down quite well indeed. Darkest Dungeon has a particularly awesome aesthetic and design which is very reminiscent of Warhammer Fantasy and it's grimdark world so of course, this has had people wanting to bring it to the tabletop.

Fishman - Klukva Miniatures

The creatures and characters from the game are represented here with four different sculpts. You have the ruffian/bandit firstly followed by that lovely fishman alongside some staple entries like a skeletal warrior.

Skeleton - Klukva Miniatures

Last but not least is perhaps my favourite addition to their collection with the Pig Orc.

Pig Orc - Klukva Miniatures

If the set is anything like that from Etsy then you're going to get these four characters in one set. It would be great to see things expand to include alternative poses and such for the range in the future though.

The stylised nature of the figures means that they'd work within settings which feature more exaggerated characters I reckon. I've mentioned it in conjunction with a few ranges but Toon Realms from Lucid Eye would be a good shout for expanding on this if you so desired.

What do you think of their figures?

"It would be great to see things expand to include alternative poses..."

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