Get Robbin’ With KLUKVA’s Two New Sci-Fi Miscreants

March 26, 2019 by brennon

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KLUKVA Miniatures has shared some more work for those looking to escort payloads, capture points and power up ultimates. Here we have their work on a delightful looking bandit.

Not Ash - Klukva Miniatures

Of course, any good bandit needs some support and where would this lady be without her hulking android bodyguard?

Not Bob - Klukva Miniatures

Whilst this range is quite obviously inspired by a certain game by Blizzard, and there are of course questions to be raised about all that, it's pretty cool to see someone working to bring all of these characters to life.

The folks at KLUKVA have done a lot of them now and the roster is expanding every so often with releases on their webstore popping up occasionally. Maybe with enough badgering Blizzard will just give them the licence to make these properly and we'll actually see people working on a game to use these characters in.

What do you think of their current pairing?

"...where would this lady be without her hulking android bodyguard?"

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