Lady Liberty Fights for Freedom in Dystopian Wars

November 26, 2015 by dracs

A true American icon is heading out onto the fields of Dystopian Wars as Spartan Games reveal this steampunk world's take on the Statue of Liberty herself.

Madame Liberte

Madame Liberte Side

Named Madame Liberté, This giant, apparently mobile, statue could well be a sign of an alliance between the French and Americans in Dystopian Wars' background.

Surprisingly, what I like most about this models is its base. The model is, unsurprisingly, floating very low off the ground, and the inclusion of fields and roads beneath it gives a great sense of its scale, with the option of placing over the waves of the sea as well.

Madame Liberte Birdseye

Madame Liberte Charge!

I love the idea of seeing the Statue of Liberty itself come floating over the carnage and destruction of the steampunk wars. From the look of it, I would say that this statue is far more than a moral booster. That torch looks like it may well be a particularly nasty weapon.

Will you send for Madam Liberté to fight on your side? What rules in the game do you think she'll have?

"I would say that this statue is far more than a moral booster..."

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