Lady Ravenclaw Rides Into Battle From FireForge Games

October 23, 2019 by brennon

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FireForge Games are riding into battle alongside the valiant Lady Ravenclaw this week as she got added to their webstore for Forgotten World and the Albion faction.

Lady Ravenclaw - FireForge Games

Lady Ravenclaw is another of the Grail Knights, riding out across the land looking for ancient treasures to deliver to her King (or Queen). I really like the look of the model both on foot and mounted on that mighty barded warhorse too. Comparing the two, I reckon that the mounted version has the edge though as she looks dominating, especially with that dark helmet.

Here we also have some Lloyd-views of the model where we can see the back of both the on foot and mounted versions of the model.

Lady Ravenclaw Back #1 - FireForge Games

She seems like an ace addition to a Fantasy army which is ready to ride into battle under the glow of the grail. I like the idea of using Lady Ravenclaw, at least in her on foot format, as a bit of a dungeon delving hero, perhaps as a paladin maybe?

Lady Ravenclaw Back #2 - FireForge Games

As it stands, this is an awesome looking new release for the game and I like that they've managed to make her appear female without having to resort to plenty of old fashioned techniques. Are you going to be picking her up to use in your knightly force?

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"Are you going to be picking her up to use in your knightly force?"

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