Large Creatures & Craft Dwell In The Depths Of DeepWars

October 10, 2017 by brennon

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Anti-Matter Games have been sharing some more of their render work for the upcoming releases in DeepWars. Leading the way we have the Coelomech Submersible which is one hell of a fascinating machine which appears to have been taken over by something organic.

Coelomech Submersible #1

As you get a better look at the craft you start to notice all sorts of interesting bits and pieces including the way some organic material seems to have been introduced around the middle of the craft. I think it would be awesome to see this painted up, very much with a Bioshock feel.

Coelomech Submersible #2

Talking of big monsters that dwell in the deep, some of them aren't made of the machinery that this is. Here we have the DeepStar Kraken.

DeepStar Kraken #1

You could imagine this getting its tentacles wrapped around some poor diver and dragging them off into the depths before they knew what hit them. This is still a WiP piece but it's looking rather snazzy already.

DeepStar Kraken #2

The models for DeepWars really are fantastic looking and they draw from such an original and interesting source that we'd love to see more people painting these. If you've got some projects based on these models make sure to share them with us!

What do you think of these new models?

"If you've got some projects based on these models make sure to share them with us!"

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