Lion Tower Reveal Gnomes & Warforged For Patreon Followers

October 18, 2019 by brennon

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Lion Tower Miniatures has been showing off some more of the options available to those who back them on Patreon. Those who follow them and donate will now be able to get themselves a plucky new Gnome Fighter!

Gnome Fighter #1 - Lion Tower Miniatures

The options from Lion Tower Miniatures come as STL Files for you to download and tinker with at home on your 3D Printers and this Gnome has a few different weapon options available to him. I particularly liked this one above with axe and shield at the ready although this duel weapon option also worked well for a more levelled up hero.

I could see both of them as Fighters although perhaps this Gnome below might also work as a Fighter who took a few levels in Wizard. I could see that sword being a good conduit for magical energy.

Gnome Fighter #2 - Lion Tower Miniatures

There is much more to go and check out over on the Patreon site for Lion Tower Miniatures and one preview that really got me excited was for this Warforged Barbarian.

Warforged Barbarian - Lion Tower Miniatures

As I've talked about before in the news this week, I am a big fan of Warforged and love the idea of playing them in all manner of roleplaying games given the chance. This fellow here comes with that massive hammer/maul but he is also going to get items like a pair of fighting claws, sword, glaive and axe.

Lion Tower always comes up with some fun and interesting models for you to tinker with at home and it would be good to see them get more Patreon followers so they can produce lots of alternatives for roleplay lovers.

What do you think of the new models and concepts?

"What do you think of the new models and concepts?"

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