Lion Tower Sculpt Final Models For Wrathborn’s Norndrassel

January 26, 2018 by brennon

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Lion Tower Miniatures have now finalised the models for Wrathborn's Norndrassel faction which will be coming to Kickstarter soon. Here we have a selection of the final warriors...

Nordrassel Jarl - Wrathborn

At the head of your warband, you will have the Jarl who will come with an alternate head. One version of the character will be Kickstarter and Event exclusive.

Nordrassel Wildsman - Wrathborn

A lot of time and attention has gone into making these miniatures look as awesome as possible, taking information from the community and more to feedback into the final look for these characters. I really like the far-ranging look to the Wildsman.

The more heavily armoured Warrior has both javelins for throwing at his foes at short range and then an axe and shield when the fighting gets more bitter.

Nordrassel Warrior - Wrathborn

Finishing things off we also have the wild Berserker who is leaping high to bring his brutal axe down on some monstrous creature.

Nordrassel Berserker - Wrathborn

You might have seen some of the beasts they are up against in the art, shown over on their Facebook Page. It's going to be pretty awesome seeing Nordic warriors going up against Lycanfiends.

What do you think of their final look?

"I really like the far-ranging look to the Wildsman..."

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