LITKO Suffer a Couple of Casualties

July 1, 2014 by dracs

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LITKO have come out with some new markers to help you keep an eye on when a mini has snuffed it.

Did He Died Tokens

Judging from the limb lay out of this silhouette, whoever this guy was he must have fell from one heck of a height. They could certainly be useful should Justin's Wolsung rule about throwing corpses ever comes to fruition.

LITKO have also announced that they will be bringing out some new tokens to help you with your games of X-Wing.

X-Wing Forward Arc

X-Wing Forward Arc Millenium Falcon

X-Wing Tokens

These forward arcs are a useful addition to help keep track of the firing arcs of your various ships, and I like the versatility of their design, making them suitable for both small and large craft. Hopefully these, along with the casualty markers, will be a useful addition to your own games.

What games would the casualty markers be useful in? Are these X-Wing markers going to come in handy?

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