Lucid Eye Unleash New Death Dealer & Sci-Fi Simian Grunts

April 9, 2021 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has a number of new releases which cross the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres. We'll start with a new Death Dealer figure from the Frank Frazetta collection. This is Death Dealer IV who comes armed with a monstrous axe.

Death Dealer IV - Lucid Eye

Death Dealer IV // Lucid Eye

Armed with his axe and glaring down at his next foe, this looks like a perfect model to throw into a game of High Fantasy adventure. I like that we're getting all of these variants of Death Dealer. Not only is it good for collectors but also those looking to play games as a brutal, dark barbarian. I hope we see them sculpt that lizard creature.

Pesky Hobgoblins!

Keeping with Fantasy, we also have a set of Hobgoblins.

Hobgoblins III - Lucid Eye

Hobgoblins III // Lucid Eye

This is the third set of Hobgoblins, available in metal and working as another good option for those building a warband. You could also use these miniatures as alternatives to mix up the dungeon creatures you encounter when roleplaying.

Sci-Fi Simians

Finishing things off for this week, we also have these Simian Grunts. They gave the apes laser guns!

Simian Grunts - Lucid Eye

Simian Grunts // Lucid Eye

These Simian Grunts can be folded into a Sci-Fi force that is making use of a planets native inhabitants. I like the idea of them being the defenders of large cities of Simians. We just need some mighty leaders to charge into battle alongside them now.

You can always count on Lucid Eye and Steve Saleh to sculpt something quirky!

"I like the idea of them being the defenders of large cities of Simians..."

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