Lucid Eye Preview New Elf Thanes & An Exclusive Reveal!

January 31, 2019 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has been showing off a whole bunch of new models for The Red Book Of The Elf King. One of the new Circles on show as part of the latest expansion was the Vorthexen Circle, and now we have a glance at their leader, Hirihalye Bloodmother Of Smotenshal.

Hirihalye Bloodmother Of Smotenshal, Vorthexen Thane - Lucid Eye.jpg

She is riding forth atop her spectral, fae beast, weapons at the ready for lightning strikes. It's awesome to see another female character for the Elf King and one that comes with entirely different rules to pretty much everything else out there.

Up until this point all of the Elves, Humans and Trolls have been on foot but now we're getting a mounted element which will be running rings around the enemy.

The Vorthexen #2 - Lucid Eye

Here is some of the background on these wild riders atop their shadowy steeds...

"Long ago great and terrible spirits amongst the Fae against the Old Gods and so bloody was that battle, and such was the unquenchable thirst of the spirits for death, that Ehlim the Elf King cast them out of the world else they destroy it. He set them to guard the Path to Hel itself. Many years they lay sleeping beneath the mound of Rhedech Heg in the cool darkness of Smotenshal. There they dreamed dreams soaked in the blood of gods.

Their dreams alone were so terrible that none dare approach the gate. So there was peace for a while until intruders came in search of the Path to Hel when once more the spirits were roused to wakefulness. Their name is legion and appears in the legends and nightmares of all races. Amongst the Isles of Eas, they are called the Vorthexen. None is more terrible to behold than their Thane, Hirihalye Bloodmother of Smotenshal. She rides upon a wild shadow of blind terror said to be as swift as joy, as quick as fear and as nimble as thought itself."

I love the sound of this, and it's great to see the game world for The Elf King opening up. I've yet to really get stuck into it but I can't wait to find some time to settle down and paint through my backlog.

A New Thane Revealed

As well as the new Thane above we also have a reveal from Lucid Eye exclusive to Beasts Of War. Check out The Sea Thane.

The Sea Thane - Lucid Eye

We know very little about this particular character yet but as you can see, the sea theme has been very much drawn into every aspect of this Thane including the helmet, armour design and of course the cruel looking weapon.

This character will pop up, alongside more themed releases, after Troll Wars has been shipped out.

What do you think of The Sea Thane?

"What do you think of The Sea Thane?"

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