Lucid Eye Spy Swamp Pests & Pig Faced Orc Warriors

October 29, 2019 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has been showing off some new models coming your way for use in your tabletop skirmish games and roleplaying adventures. Leading the way this time around we're looking at an option for Beyond The Savage Core and the Pest Tyrant Krod!

Pest Tyrant Krod - Lucid Eye

This fellow joins the rest of his Swamp Pests and will be lording it over the dark and foetid corners of the world. I like that they've managed to keep him looking small and pesky and then added a few more elements to make him look commanding with the accessories draped around his neck, arms and of course on his head. He also seems to have mastered and cut down some of his own kin in order to assert his dominance!

Metal Hogs!

As well as the new character for Beyond The Savage Core we also have some Pig Faced Orcs who have been moved into the metal Blades & Souls range as well as being available in plastic. They are now led by this Pig Faced Orc Chief.

Pig Faced Orc Chief - Lucid Eye

This snarling leader comes ready to command his Pig Orc forces and could well be the option you need to turn this from a small dungeon-delving force into a warband which is taking to the battlefield instead. If you mixed this in alongside some of the gnoll kits out there you could have an allied force of warriors.

Pig Faced Orc #1 - Lucid Eye

The plastic models have moved into metal again here and a lot of the same styles have carried over. This is effectively just to give you a choice of material depending on what you enjoy playing with as the plastics models from the Ghost collection seemed pretty detailed anyway.

Pig Faced Orc #2 - Lucid Eye

There is a lot available from the team at Lucid Eye for those who want to delve into dungeons, play out quirky scenarios or perhaps find new leaders to take command on the battlefield. It is well worth delving into their range to see what else is on show.

What do you make of these new offerings?

"It is well worth delving into their range to see what else is on show..."

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