A Magical Chibi Mini Arrives From Merdian Miniatures

September 5, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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tooth and sword

Yes, it's time to up the cuteness factor with a few new custom minis from Meridian Miniatures, for the Tooth and Sword Kickstarter that was funded in early July.

The chibi line of minis from this project are super cute and cover a great range of "good guys" & "bad guys" so everyone can find characters that they would like to play, including a "neutral" group.

They have released pictures of 3 custom chibi minis for this line and each is cuter than the one before:

Custom chibi1

custom chibi 2

And my personal favorite: the Platypus Wizard!

custom chibi3

Would you fancy a chibi wizard for your game?

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