Mantic Games Discuss The New Digital Mantic Companion

October 25, 2022 by brennon

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Mantic Games has been detailing just what you're going to be able to do with the new Mantic Companion that will be launching at the start of November.

Mantic Companion - Mantic Games

Mantic Companion // Mantic Games

Made and designed by wargamers, the focus is on making it a very handy tool for those who want to use the app before the battle begins and during the fighting. Working alongside Greg at Easy Army, the team at Mantic Games has been able to build a neat suite of content.

You'll have access to...

  • The Official Mantic Army List Builder
  • Math Hammer
  • A Tournament Companion
  • A living rulebook
  • Events and Rankings
  • Community Resources

..forming a great starting block. With the Mantic Companion becoming available from 1st November, Mantic has also noted that the whole app is going to be free to access until 31st January 2023. So, you'll have three months to test the app and see whether or not it works for you.

Mantic Companion Preview - Mantic Games

Mantic Companion Preview // Mantic Games

The Army Builder is quite self-explanatory but the Math Hammer portion of the companion is quite fascinating. Designed by Elliott Barratt, Math Hammer can be used to run calculations on units in different scenarios so that you can make good decisions during the army-building process.

The Tournament, Event and Community resources all sound like they are going to be a neat bonus too. Being able to see the entire Mantic community in one place, be that at the high end of tournament play or casual scuffles, should make for interesting talking points!

It will be fun to give the Mantic Companion a go when November rolls around methinks! 

"Mantic has also noted that the whole app is going to be free to access until 31st January 2023..."

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