Conqueror Models March Forth With Dark Age Dwarfs

September 19, 2017 by brennon

Apart from the unfortunate and gripe inducing spelling of Dwarfs (it should be peeve) Conqueror Models has done an excellent job on their new Dark Age Dwarfs!

Dwarf Spearmen #1

All of these models are by the talented Colin Patten who has now somewhat bled my wallet dry. Working as the backbone of the force right now we have their core troops, the Spearmen.

Dwarf Spearmen #2

It makes sense for Dwarfs to fight with spears and shields, using their stocky nature to their advantage and embracing the reach that spears offer. The models also look fantastic in their chainmail; very much Tolkien-esque in their design.

Dwarf Spearmen #3

As well as the Spearmen that you see here they are also working on a Command Pack, Hearthguard models and more Dwarfs with Dane Axes for that all-important lightning attack on the enemy shield wall.

Dwarf Spearmen #4

I may have to pick up these models and drop them in as an alternative SAGA army on the tabletop. They could work very well as Anglo-Danes/Saxons, especially with the upcoming back of elite warriors they have planned.

War machines and characters are also on the horizon too!

Well, there goes my supposed Warhammer 40,000 project...

"War machines and characters are also on the horizon too!"

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