Marvel Champions Gets New Rookie & Heroic Game Modes

March 24, 2020 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games have put forth a new set of tweaks you can make to the Marvel Champions rules in order to make it both easier and harder! We start with making it easier as part of Rookie Mode.

Rookie Mode - FFG

Rookie Mode is pretty simple in that you play the game as you would normally have done but once you beat the first stage of a villain you win! You don't have to take on their more powerful side and can relax knowing that you've done a good job! This should make some of the more intense encounters with the likes of Ultron a little less frantic and head-scratching as they are in standard mode!

I think this is a good way to test our a few decks for the first time and get your head around how to play a particular hero (or combination of heroes) before diving in properly. On the other side of things, you've got Heroic Mode!

Heroic Mode - FFG

Heroic Mode follows all of the rules for Expert Mode in the rulebook but with the addition of what's called a Heroic Level. This determines the difficulty of the mode and during step three of each villain phase (when dealt Encounter Cards) the players will be given X additional encounter cards where X equals the chosen Heroic Level.

This Heroic Level is left open for players to tinker around with. So, if you wanted to do Heroic Level 10 then go for it. Here is a puzzle from Fantasy Flight Games for you to solve too...

"To celebrate Heroic Mode, I’d like to present players with an achievement, one that everyone can participate in: using the identities and aspects of your choice, defeat Klaw on heroic level 3 while using The Doomsday Chair as the modular encounter set."

So, that is going to be quite a challenge for you to undertake! I think I might have to try and work out how to tackle this!

What do you think of these new modes?

"I think I might have to try and work out how to tackle this!"

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