Break Crisis Protocol’s Fourth Wall With Squirrel Girl & Gwenpool!

March 15, 2023 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games have revealed another set of characters coming to the ever-expanding Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Dive in and pick up some new 40mm miniatures representing Squirrel Girl and Gwenpool in your games! It's time for some fourth wall-breaking fun.

Squirrel Girl & Gwenpool - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Squirrel Girl & Gwenpool // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Break reality and have some fun with some rather excellent additions to the cast for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. On the one hand, you have Squirrel Girl who has the ability to (you guessed it) communicate with squirrels and use them as her pals. She has been known to work with the likes of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and uses her squirrel-born powers to keep the streets safe.

Squirrel Girl Miniature - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Squirrel Girl Miniature // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

She has a wonderful miniature which I think captures some of the charm of her character and the much more playful vibe that she brings to the comic books. She is quite the wild card and has been able to take down Wolverine in a no-claws clash and has even been worthy of Mjolnir!

Alongside Squirrel Girl, we also have Gwenpool who is exploding into the action.

Gwenpool Miniature - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Gwenpool Miniature // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Gwen is a normal human from our reality who found herself transported into the Marvel universe. She has no real powers to speak of although has now been trained in hand-to-hand combat but her real strength comes in knowing she is in a comic.

Her fourth-wall-breaking knowledge of comics and the heroes and villains around her means that she is able to exploit the weaknesses of her foes and uncannily avoid even the worst harm. She knows the secret identity of many of those she comes up against and has been able to get her way against even some of the most terrible foes out there.

Squirrel Girl & Gwenpool Miniatures - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Squirrel Girl & Gwenpool Miniatures // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

It will be fun to see what these two characters bring to the game of Crisis Protocol and how much fun people have with them on the tabletop. I could see myself enjoying leaping around as Squirrel Girl and kicking ass with her little squirrel companion.

Will you be checking out these miniatures?

"Break reality and have some fun with some rather excellent additions to the cast for Marvel: Crisis Protocol..."

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