MaxMini Celebrate Halloween & Meet Stan The Scarecrow

October 12, 2018 by brennon

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To celebrate Halloween this year MaxMini has put together a rather creepy and yet cute model, Stan The Scarecrow.

One imagines that Stan's tea has gone gold although I bet he doesn't really know why. Being a scarecrow the morning rain is coming down on him from the skies above and then even if he could see through it all it would probably be grey.

He is going to make quite the picture for your mantlepiece and in general, the model itself is not so bad at all!

This is a fantastic piece for someone to throw into their Fantasy and Horror games. For example, I could see this being a great alternative character to use alongside the Grymkin in Hordes.

Dear Slim, this is Stan!

"Dear Slim, this is Stan!"

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