MaxMini’s New Goblins Don Cunning Disguises

April 29, 2019 by brennon

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MaxMini has added some more bitz into the mix for those developing larger Goblin forces. Here we have their new set of Goblins In Disguises heads.

Goblins In Disguises - MaxMini

The set comes with ten heads, two of each, all wearing different masks. With the Gloomspite Gitz one of the newest forces for Age Of Sigmar, I could see these being a good pick for someone looking to add some variety to their force on the tabletop. Each of these heads would be good for personalised commanders.

If you used one of these heads for each champion you could then build a unit up around them.

Which of the heads is your favourite?

"Each of these heads would be good for personalised commanders..."

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