Mechanical Squid & Deadly Subs Sneak Into Dystopian Wars!

September 28, 2022 by brennon

Following on from the big reveal yesterday of a new Two-Player Starter Set for Dystopian Wars, Sturginium Skies, we also got some extra releases for the game that will help aid a few of the other nations battling it out in Warcradle Studios' nautical wargame.

Ika Colossus Squadrons - Dystopian Wars

Ika Colossus Squadrons // Dystopian Wars

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We start with the mechanical marvels that are the Ika Colossus that come as part of a new squadron. Designed to sow fear and tap into that "here be monsters" vibe from ancient maps, The Empire is making good use of them to harass and drag their foes down into the darkness.

The set can be built with either Kaiju or Okuforu Class Ika Colossus, each able to tear or blast with equal ferocity. I am still convinced that being on a boat in Dystopian Wars is just the worst idea. Get up in one of those flying machines or in a towering walker!

You also get four Chita Submersible Escort Automata that add to the eerie and uncanny nature of this particular squadron. A fascinating kit and one that you could have real fun painting, especially if you went down the route of trying to match them to the actual natural colouring of a squid. Do that but then give it a metallic twist?

Akula Battlefleet Set

Following on from the Ika Colossus, we also have the Akula Battlefleet Set.

Akula Battlefleet Set - Dystopian Wars

Akula Battlefleet Set // Dystopian Wars

This set brings a hunter cadre of submarines to the tabletop. Volodymyr Nikonov and his powerful Death Bringer submarine are going to be hunting ships from beneath the surface. Again, why be in a boat when you could be deep beneath the waves with a bunch of torpedos at the ready?

Inside, you'll find a deadly set of hunters that will be able to take down pretty much anything they come across. You have the three Grand Submarines which can be built as the Death Bringer or the Akula Class Ship. You then have six Khyzhak Attack Submarines and six Piranya Hunter Submarines which give you a seriously hefty set of miniatures to play around with.

Are you tempted by these new Dystopian Wars offerings?

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"We start with the mechanical marvels that are the Ika Colossus that come as part of a new squadron..."

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