Megacon Games Run Big Myth & MERCS Christmas Sale

November 21, 2014 by brennon

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We don't usually talk about Sales and such on Beasts of War but since it's Myth Week and some of you folks might be wanting to get your hands on some extra stuff for your games you might want to check this out. Megacon Games are running a big sale all throughout the end of November and most of December until the 25th...

Megacon Holiday Sale

There's up to 72.5% off a lot of different products from both their Myth and MERCS range so if you've been tempted but never taken the plunge then this might be for you.

At the moment the MERCS Rulebook and a whole bunch of additional Myth adventures and bundles are up for grabs so head on over and give their webstore a look.

Will you be picking anything up?

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