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Myth Week: What’s Coming In The Future?


We sit down and have a chat about what’s
coming in the future for Megacon Games’
Myth! There’s plenty in the pipeline but
what would you like to see?

More quests, bigger bosses, maybe
even more heroes to add to your games?

Myth Week: How To Paint The Soldier Part Four


It’s time for the final part of Romain’s tutorial on How to Paint The Soldier from Myth! What do you guys think of the finished article and will you be painting up your own boxed set?

Myth: The Next Steps


Online resources that will get you playing faster and expand your game.

Note: There is no Weekender on Sat but there is an XLBS on Sun!

Megacon Games Run Big Myth & MERCS Christmas Sale


Megacon Games are holding a massive Christmas Sale all the way through until December 25th for both Myth and MERCS so see if anything takes your fancy as Myth Week comes to a close.

Myth Week: Meet The Brigand


Sneaking and stabbing your enemies in the back is
the domain of The Brigand in Myth and if you like
the sound of sticking to the shadows waiting for
the perfect moment to strike this is
the character for you.

Did we mention he’s also a
literal sneaky rat?!

Myth Week: How To Paint The Soldier Part Three


We’re back for the next stage of painting the
fantastic Myth Soldier from Megacon Games
as Romain adds the next few layers of colour.

What do you think so far?

Myth Week: Meet The Monsters Of Myth!


You can’t have a good adventure without
some enemies to fight and so we’re going
to be taking a look at at the Minions,
Captains and Bosses of
the Myth universe!

If you don’t know your enemy
then you may just be
doomed to die!

Myth Week: Meet The Acolyte


We’re powering through these adventurous heroes
for Myth and the next for us to look at is The
Acolyte! If you like the idea of rocking around
with a gigantic hammer crushing skulls and then
healing your allies then this should
be your perfect pick.

Myth Week: Key Mechanics Of Questing & Adventuring!


One of the best things
about game like Myth
is that when you start
adding in quests and stories
these games go from being good
to great. Warren and the guys from
Megacon Games sit down to chat about
bringing the world to life.

Myth Week: Meet The Apprentice!


There’s always one person in the part staying away from the sharp things and hanging back to kill from a distance. No, it’s not the Archer. This time it’s the one throwing high explosive balls of death at people; the Myth Apprentice!

Myth Week: How To Paint The Soldier Part Two


Romain continues with this painting tutorial on the Soldier from Megacon Games’ Myth adding another level of painting to this hero bringing him to life on the tabletop. Have you been following along with this one?

How To Play Myth: Anatomy Of A Realm Tile


In the second video in this series the guys from Megacon Games take a look at the Realm Tiles in Myth and explain a little bit more about them here!

Myth Week: Key Mechanics Of The Darkness!


It’s in the shadows and when night falls; the Darkness is coming for you! Sit and listen young traveller as we tell you how the Darkness works in Megacon Games’ Myth. These tips and tricks on its mechanics might save you and your party of adventurers!

Myth Week: Meet The Soldier


It’s time to meet the next of the heroes in Myth from Megacon Games as the guys have a look at the Soldier!

If you’re a fan of being a mad man running
headlong into the fray then the Soldier
might be the hero for you boasting a cool
rage mechanic and being a proper tank at
the same time. You’re going to love being
in the midst of a mound of monsters!

Myth Week: How To Paint The Soldier Part One!


Our painting guru has sat down with the Soldier
hero from Myth and has picked a rather dashing
paint scheme for him! Sit down, relax and watch
as we take you through how to paint up
this great looking hero from Megacon Games.

Myth Week: Key Mechanics Of A Game Tile


We’re diving into Myth week and taking a look at some
of the cool key mechanics of this board game from Megacon Games.

In this video we’re checking out the gaming
tiles themselves and how they’re going to
add to your hack and slash
adventure experience.

How To Play Myth: Setting Up Your Adventure!


Welcome to a series of videos from the guys at Megacon Games as they take you through how to play Myth with their first video being on how to set up your adventure on the tabletop!

Myth Week: Meet The Archer


It’s time to meet one of the mighty heroes you
and your buddies will be playing as in your
games of Myth! If killing monsters from afar
and shooting the eyes out of a big howling
boss monster is your thing then you
might want to play as the Archer!

Welcome to Myth Week: What’s it all About?


Welcome everyone to a week all about Myth on Beasts of War. In the first of many videos coming this week Warren and Lloyd introduce Myth Week and give a little insight into what sort of boardgame Myth is and a look through what you would find in the game.

How To Play Myth: The Deadly Boss Fight!


Megacon Games have fought onwards through their adventure in Myth and how they must face off against a deadly Boss creature raised from the dead! Do you think they’ll banish back to the earth?

How To Play Myth: Gameplay Part Three!


Megacon Games continue their play through of Myth into part three where things get a little more cramped and they come up against some more challenging monsters!