Megacon Games Show Off Sculpts From MERCS: Recon!

June 22, 2014 by brennon

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Megacon Games have shown off some of the brilliant sculpts from MERCS: Recon and beyond. See what you think of some of the previews that popped up on the updates via their Kickstarter page...


Recon WIP #1

Recon WIP #2


We start things off with the brilliant Judge model standing alongside some equally bad ass Mercenaries and that brilliant Security Force soldier at the bottom. I love the fact that they have started to look at forces outside of their powered armour. The Judge however steals the show and I would love to have one sitting on my shelf. Awesome.




Of course there are a few more civilian types but they all fall by the wayside when it comes to that brilliant USCR Behemoth with that amazing hammer. I cannot begin to explain how brilliant this guy is and apparently the base is even bigger in the final tabletop version. He is awesome and I want an entire team of these storming into the enemy base.

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