Megalith Bring New Boosters To Godslayer Factions

May 18, 2017 by brennon

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Megalith Games are adding some new boosters to their collection for use with Godslayer. This takes the shape of a few Troop Packs which will bolster your warband on the tabletop.

Fjell Warriors

Leading the way we have the Fjell Warriors for the Nordgaard forces on the tabletop. Thes gruff Dwarves have seen battle in the snow and rock and are the guardians of the villages high above the clouds.

Making up the backbone of your Troglodyte force we also have these Ironhide Brutes below...

Ironhide Brutes

With their flails in hand, they are dangerous individuals, trained for combat at an early age and therefore more resolute than many of your traditional rank and file troops out there. In the game, they are a hard front line to break so you'll have to think tactically to take them down.

Last but not least we have some new troops for the Halodynes as they show off their Hoplites.


These models sit as alternatives beyond what you'd get in the core box or other sets and therefore would make a great addition to your force beyond the standard setup. They have the awesome look of the Hoplite about them from Greek history and mythology.

You could create the phalanx on the tabletop with these fellows and some of their chums.

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