Hunt Down Merchant Vessels In Warlord Games’ Black Seas

January 20, 2020 by brennon

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Warlord Games is looking to offer up some more options for Black Seas players as they showed off the Merchant Vessels set which popped up recently.

Merchant Vessels #1 - Warlord Games

Sail Into Black Seas @ Store.OnTableTop

The set comes with a pair of Merchant Vessels for you to harass or protect on the tabletop. They were never meant for combat and were slow, lumbering vessels which were designed to carry large amounts of cargo. This obviously made them sitting ducks for privateers and pirates during the period.

Merchant Vessels #2 - Warlord Games

There are a few scenarios they can be used for in the Black Seas rulebook. For example, maybe you're at the head of two privateer fleets seeking to plunder the vessels first or you could be instead trying to sink these ships as they're carrying troops bound for your shores!

There is also a special scenario as part of Smugglers Run which is a free downloadable campaign you can snap up HERE.

Merchant vessels were not designed for combat. They were slow lumbering vessels designed to have a large capacity for transporting goods but at the sacrifice of manoeuvrability. Anything which adds more options and narrative into your games gets a thumbs up from me.

Will you be plundering some Merchant Vessels?

"Will you be plundering some Merchant Vessels?"

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