Meridian’s Tooth & Sword Fundraiser Kicks Off!

June 12, 2014 by brennon

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Meridian Miniatures' Tooth & Sword Kickstarter has begun and you can now get your hands on The Good Guys, The Wicked Ones, and check out The Neutrals too!

The Good Guys

The Wicked Ones

So above we have the Good and the Wicked and despite the two titles I actually think they all look rather cute. I mean, look at that Cat Assassin. How could you think that was wicked!

The Neutrals

WIP SketchesThey have also started work on the sketches for those little animals stuck in the middle. All of these look cute as well and I think it would be awesome to see the whole lot get made for the Kickstarter. Plenty of people have been delving into this idea of chibi-style adventurers right now.

Some nice looking sculpts!

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