Micro Art Bundle Up Their Imperial Scenery For Star Wars Legion

May 5, 2019 by dracs

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Micro Art Studio are getting into the May the 4th spirit with a new terrain set for Star Wars: Legion.

This Imperial Scenery Set brings together some of Micro Art's existing Star Wars terrain to help you build your Imperial base.

The terrain includes the Imperial Depot, a two-part HDF building.

One resin Laser Tower, of the sort we saw at Hoth.

And finally two sets of resin cargo crates.

This set isn't enough for a full tabletop by itself, but it does create an effective centre for your base, giving your Imperial Troopers a good defensive structure and your Rebels a tempting target to attack.

What tables would you use these to create?

"Star Wars terrain to help you build your Imperial base."

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