Microworld Games Preview Their TINY 3mm Fantasy Range

March 26, 2020 by brennon

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We've heard of 28mm, 15mm, 10mm and even 6mm but I'd never heard of gaming at the tiny scale of 3mm! Well, Microworld Games enlightened me recently with this peek at their very, very, very small Fantasy range which is going to be releasing in the near future.

Elf & Orc Generals Mounted - Microworld Games

You might not be able to tell but that is a little Orc General and Elf General mounted upon their respective creatures. Once you get a little hint as to what they might be you start to notice the details and I like that the weapons are all massively overdone so that you get that impression of everything being heroic.

Elf Command Strip - Microworld Games

As it stands it seems like Orcs and Elves are going to be at the forefront of the first wave and there are lots of little options in the mix. We've seen them show off the Command Strip above for the Elves but also some Infantry and the like too in this 3mm scale. Here are the Orc Warriors for example.

Orc Warriors - Microworld Games

One benefit of having these smaller scale armies is that it allows you to play absolutely monumental battles out on the tabletop which feature what amounts to thousands and thousands of soldiers. You could also extrapolate it a bit and fight it from a different viewpoint where instead of individual battles you're instead plotting out an entire war front.

Orc Boar Riders - Microworld Games

I also like the idea that you could use these models to represent your force in the midst of a campaign too, marching across the land to try and secure their borders. You could use both these tiny 3mm figures and your regular 28mm ones to play out a variety of different games which all tie into one another in some way.

This is just a little snapshot of the 3mm Fantasy goodies Microworld has been showing off but we'd love to know if you've ever gamed in this scale.

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"...we'd love to know if you've ever gamed in this scale"

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