Mierce Hear Fee Fi Fo Fum From The Mighty Giant Gomagg!

July 8, 2014 by brennon

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Mierce Miniatures have a lot of miniatures coming out all the time and many of them are in various states of work-in-progress. One that caught my eye however is this big fellow. See what you think of the mighty giant Gomagg who is genuinely one of the biggest miniatures (if you can call him that) I've seen!

Gomagg #1

Gomagg #2

Gomagg #3

Gomagg #4

He is massive. To put it in perspective the little skeleton held from the belt around his waist is the size of a regular human miniature in their game world. So yeah, this guy is beyond huge. I have no idea how on earth you'd begin to even paint something like this but it would be a massive piece for your gaming room and if you could find a way of working him into your games, even better!

Mierce certainly go full on when they make something big!

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