Mierce Fill October With New Darklands Miniatures!

September 15, 2014 by brennon

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Mierce Miniatures have another awesome selection of heroes and villains heading to the battlefield for Darklands come October. See what you think of the haul starting with Dungal, Eadric and Ffion Ferddig...

Dúngal, Mormaer of Dun Durn on Foot

Eadric, Forthegn of Mierce on Foot

Ffion Ferddig, Bard of Gwynedd

Some really cool looking sculpts that continue their trend of being brilliant at what they do. I am a big fan of Eadric and while the range is 30mm scale I do think that I might pick him up simply to paint and add to my SAGA warband.

Erebius, Demiurion

Daarkan, Tain of Baalor

Agriosavara Sun Warrior

The next trio include Erebius, Daarkan and Agriosavara who, while also very cool, certainly aren't beating the last three. Saying that I do think Daarkan is very cool although I'm unsure about his punching dagger-come shield that he has. The demon weapon on the other hand is awesome!

Jörmungand, Troll Jarl

Crom of Carn Wrach, War-Drune on Foot

Last but not least we have Jormungand and Crom making sure the battleline is supported by some mighty warriors with muscles on top of other muscles. I do have a soft spot for trolls and while I don't particularly like the aesthetic that Mierce have gone for with their troll-like creatures I do think Jormungand is quite cool. Crom is where it's at for this duo though and it would be cool to see him daubed in even more blood!

Which hero or villain will you pick up?

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