The Mighty Conquest Of The Gods Kickstarter Begins!

November 24, 2014 by brennon

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The Kickstarter to get Conquest of the Gods to the masses has begun from Demigod Games! See what you think of some of the starting factions and check out the rules too!





Above you can see how some of the starter sets are shaping up for each of the factions with the Norse in the metal stage and the rest soon to follow. I'm loving how each of the factions is looking, especially their massive creatures, and it's kind of awesome to know that you get something like that in a starter set - never mind the God too!


There's also this awesome exclusive Kickstarter miniature coming your way if you pledge too. You'll also be very heavily involved in the Beta process of the game and get to feedback on the rules. The Berserker himself is pretty epic looking though right?


Last but not least we have a look at the rulebook and you can get access to it through their Scribd account HERE. It's already looking polished and it would be neat to give it closer look before pledging. I do like this access that companies are giving to their core rules early as it can make for better games.

Keep an eye on the campaign!

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