Delve Into The Mind Of John Blanche With New Book

November 24, 2023 by brennon

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If you've ever wanted to dive into the mind of the mighty John Blanche then you might want to snap up Blanche: The Rise of Grimdark which is now available for you to pre-order from Ral Partha Europe.

Blanche - The Rise Of Grimdark - Wombat Wargames

Blanche: The Rise Of Grimdark // Wombat Wargames

This is a full-colour authorised biography that delves into the life of John Blanche who is one of the main visionaries behind the Warhammer worlds that so many of us have played in over the years.

"John’s career, which includes an unprecedented forty-year collaboration with Games Workshop, spans five decades. During this time, his work has adorned a plethora of book covers and interiors, record covers, postcards and posters, while also serving as concepts for a swathe of wargaming miniatures, often inspiring whole new ranges of figures. John Blanche is one of the most remarkable and prolific fantasy and science fiction illustrators of his, or any other, generation. This book, his official and authorised biography, tells the story of the master of grimdark himself, the visionary that is John Blanche."

The book features an insight into John as a person as well as offers a look at his amazing illustrations including some that were previously unpublished. You'll also get to look at his miniatures too which have inspired a whole range of Blanchitsu-style miniatures in their own right.

Additional contributions come from Lin Blanche, Alan Merrett, Tim Pollard, Rick Priestley, Tuomas Pirinen, Tammy Nicholls, Ian Miller, Adam Weir, Eric Weir, Gregory Weir, Trish Carden, Tim Molloy, Alasdair Farrell, Jes Goodwin, Jon Flindall, Victoria Hayward, Lincoln Barnwell, Julian Barnwell, Tom Evans and Paul Bonner so they've really pushed the boat out here now that Blanche has left Games Workshop.

The book will be available from 1st December so get your pre-orders in if you're eager to read more about Blanche's work!

Will you be snapping this up?

"...get your pre-orders in if you're eager to read more about Blanche's work!"

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