Mongoose Working On Sea Of Thieves Roleplaying Game

June 4, 2019 by brennon

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Mongoose Publishing is going to be working with the designers behind Sea Of Thieves to create a new tabletop roleplaying game set in its high-seas universe.

Sea Of Thieves Role-Playing Game

This game will be a mirror to the sandbox video game which has you playing as pirates in search of glory and gold on the high seas with your friends. Included within the core set for the game you will get you...

  • Book of Pirates: Your introduction to the Sea of Thieves, with a complete Voyage that will teach you everything you need to know about pirating. You’ll be sailing the Sea of Thieves within minutes of opening the box!
  • Lore of the Sea: A nice weighty tome that shows Gamesmasters how to run games and create Voyages, and what treasures and terrors await pirates on the Sea of Thieves.
  • Book of Voyages: A complete campaign for the Sea of Thieves that will have pirates questing for the Ashen Jewels…
  • The Sea of Thieves Poster Map: A giant map of the Sea of Thieves showing every island in the game.
  • Pirate Ledgers: Six cards that show what your pirate is carrying and how close they are to becoming a Pirate Legend.
  • Legendary Dice: Eighteen Legendary Dice that will mark you out as a Pirate Legend or scurvy landlubber!
  • Supply Tokens, Weapons Cards and Quest Cards: Everything a pirate needs to sail a ship, fight enemies, and bring back huge hauls of treasure!
  • Lord Guardian Sails: The box set edition contains an exclusive download code that will unlock the sails of a would-be pirate king in the Sea of Thieves video game.

This seems like a great way to get a few more people who may never have considered roleplaying games before to the tabletop. Once they've spent some time having fun in the video game they might then like to take things to the next level and play in person with you too!

If the roleplaying game features the same over-the-top action against cartoony foes that the video game does I could see this being a hit.

Will you be heading out for an adventure on the high seas?

"This seems like a great way to get a few more people who may never have considered roleplaying games before to the tabletop..."

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