Mono Tanks Roll to War From Alien Dungeon

April 28, 2015 by dracs

This week, Alien Dungeon have released a new set of tanks for the British Expeditionary Force of All Quiet on the Martian Front, the utterly unique Mono Tanks.

Mono Tank

Known colloquially as "Wheelers", the Mono Tanks are lightly armoured and incredibly fast, acting as scouts for the main expeditionary force. Of course, they have a tendency to topple over, but when you're fighting the Martians I suppose you need some fun.

Imperial Tanks

Along with the release of these Wheelers, Alien Dungeon have put up another set of more standard British tanks for pre-order.

Imperial Tank

Far more heavily armed and armoured than its mono wheeled compatriots, the Imperial Tank is made from a mix of steel and a classified material, giving it a 50 / 50 chance of surviving a blast from a Martian heat ray. Those are pretty good odds in this world. These tanks perform well on both roads and rough terrain, while their mix of fire power and defence makes them a versatile weapon in humanity's arsenal.

Are you a British general in this game? Which of these new vehicles do you like the look of?

"When you're fighting the Martians I suppose you need some fun."

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