Nemesis Gets a Little April Alchemy Going

March 26, 2014 by dracs

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Zenit Miniatures have put out two new concept pieces, previewing the releases that will be appearing in Nemesis this April.

First up there is the Alchemist in his floating chair.


The romantic imagery of alchemy, an amalgamation of science and magic, makes its practitioners a rich source to exploit. This Alchemist certainly has a unique style to him. Zenit have stepped away from the usual mad scientist route we see and have chosen something far more mystical and rotund. Although to my mind he looks rather like a reject from Disney's Hercules.

Then we have the Gladiator Leader.

Gladiator Leader

Talk about a study in contrast. This guy is the exact opposite of the Alchemist, being lean and poised for combat.

These two miniatures each have very interesting character designs that should make for rather cool miniatures. I look forward to seeing their final iterations next month.

Which of these two do you like best?

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