New Greek Hoplites Are Now Shipping From Victrix Limited

February 16, 2024 by avernos

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After testing the waters with a range of new heads Victrix Limited have revisited their classical Greek Hoplites and the resulting pack is now shipping for all of those looking to add some class to their tabletop.

Victrix_Greek Hoplites

Greek Hoplites // Victrix Limited

They have packed the new Greek Hoplite set with detail and dynamism. The figures can be posed in advancing/charging poses with thrusting spears overhead or thrusting their swords, but also with upright spear options if you need the figures to rank up more easily. This is ideal regardless if you play small-scale skirmish games or massed rank-and-file battles on the tabletop.

Victrix Greek Hoplite SprueThey've expanded their earlier Hoplite sets to include a richer variety of armour and helmet styles. The addition of Linothorax armour detailed with scales, along with an increased assortment of Corinthian helmets, not to mention Illyrian, Chalcidian, and Phrygian options, ensures that each Hoplite figure is unique. As you can see from the sprue there is a wealth of options packed in there with fifteen head options for six bodies and both spear and swords available for your build.

Greek Hoplites Assembled

These figures are versatile enough for scenarios ranging from the early conflicts against the Achaemenid Persian empire, through the internal strife of the Peloponnesian War, to confrontations with Macedon and the incursions by the later Achaemenid Persian empire, covering a period from approximately 500 BC to 250 BC. Additionally, by incorporating Carthaginian heads, one could easily transform them into Libyan and Carthaginian spearmen variants if you fancy some Punic Wars veterans.

On top of all that the set can be combined with their previous sets of Hoplites and Mercenaries. If you're a fan of the classical Greeks (and I am) then this is a stupendous addition to Victrix's already comprehensive range.

I fear Victrix even when they bring Greeks!

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