New Haunted Moor Supplement For Umbra Turris Drops

July 23, 2019 by brennon

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Umbra Turris is expanding with a new supplement thanks to Spellcrow. Welcome to the strange and eerie Haunted Moor.

Umbra Turris Haunted Moor - Spellcrow

Weirdly, there is very little to actually say about the contents of this box as we haven't actually seen the miniatures for it! But, we did get some fluff from the folks at Spellcrow...

“If you survive the journey through the Illusive Wetlands, you will reach a quiet settlement lost in deadly silence. Its inhabitants may look at you with a blank stare, and you will probably shiver. Do not be afraid right now, the time will come. Welcome to Haunted Moor.

In the dreary songs of the old hags, Haunted Moor is a place where death becomes the gateway to a new life. Those who came there know that it is much worse…”

You'll get four new cards in the box, two terrain ones and two magical items. You'll also get five new resin miniatures which represent the undead villagers of Mossrel, plus a booklet which covers the history of the area and tactics for playing games there too.

It sounds intriguing if nothing else! Umbra Turris has a neat little following too so it's good to see the game still getting little updates here and there with new models and expansion boxes.

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"You'll also get five new resin miniatures which represent the undead villagers of Mossrel..."

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