The New Necroscourge & Vegetyrants Hit Monsterpocalypse!

November 25, 2021 by brennon

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Privateer Press has put together a great set of releases for those looking to dive deeper into Monsterpocalypse. We start with the Necroscourge who are bringing their terrifying presence to the tabletop as they get stuck into the task of destroying the planet!

Karkinos - Monsterpocalypse

Karkinos // Monsterpocalypse

Leading the way is the towering Karkinos for the Destroyers. He is incredibly durable and able to deal out some seriously hard-hitting attacks. When he fell and was reborn, the nanites in his body granted him fireproof plating meaning that he can "monsterhandle" foes into infernos without issue!

"The invasion has begun—the Necroscourge have begun to lay siege to the battle-torn cities of our planet! When Galamaxus landed on Earth, one of its first missions was to seek out biomass and convert it into the next Necroscourge monster. Facing off with a Triton monster, Galamaxus converted its prey using the Necroscourge beings swarming its body to overtake and repurpose the crustacean into the monster known as Karkinos. Karkinos is an avatar of destruction, leaving everything in its wake decimated."

As well as the big miniature for Karkinos, we also have some Units that are supporting him in his destructive endeavours. See what you make of the Blade Revenants And Hunting Swarm.

Blade Revenants And Hunting Swarm - Monsterpocalypse

Blade Revenants And Hunting Swarm // Monsterpocalypse

This set gives you some good options when it comes to taking on challengers. The Black Revenants are your aggressive frontline troops. Hurling Swarms then come to life from the destroyed bodies that surround the Revenants and use them to produce more and more undead.

Nature Strikes Back!

As well as the terrifying alien undead, we also have some shambling natural beasts like Stomatavorus Rex here.

Stomatavorus Rex - Monsterpocalypse

Stomatavorus Rex // Monsterpocalypse

Stomatavorus Rex joins the Protectors and focuses on stealing energy from your opponents. Stomatavorus leeches the life from those around it and is able to hold its own against pretty much all-comers. It can even draw on the power of the earth to keep fighting.

"After centuries of lying dormant, the Vegetyrants have begun to emerge from their verdant nests. The presence of alien invasive species to their home planet disturbed the natural balance, and now they rise to defend the world and reclaim the wild places of the planet. Stomatavorus Rex is an ancient incarnation of the Vegetyrants. Savage in nature, it consumes life from any foe that falls prey to its leaching vines."

You can also support Stomatavorus Rex with some helpful units, the Stomatavors And Imperial Bloom.

Stomatavors And Imperial Bloom - Monsterpocalypse

Stomatavors And Imperial Bloom // Monsterpocalypse

These Blooms spread across the battlefield, growing in different places. Once they are in full bloom they offer your allies with fonts of power. You also have the barded Stomatavors which can latch onto enemies and slowly cut away at them. If you wanted to control the battlefield then how better to do that than with nature?

Are you going to be picking these up?

"If you wanted to control the battlefield then how better to do that than with nature?"

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