Four Planeswalkers Enter Kaladesh In MTG’s Upcoming Release

September 16, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

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"Welcome to Kaladesh! Optimism, innovation, and the spirit of creativity fuel a renaissance of innovation. Now, during the celebration of Inventors' Fair, we invite you to invent your!"

MTG Kaladesh

The next set for Magic the Gathering is the Kaladesh block, which is slated to hit stores on September 30th. This will be set one of two and features 240 cards, that not only look fabulous but includes four planeswalkers.

MTG kaladesh planeswalker4

Chandra makes her way into this plane and brings some very useful damage mechanics. If you like to play Red, then she's the one you want for sure.

MTG kaladesh planeswalker3

Nissa also makes the trek into Kaladesh, and though she only has three abilities, she can manipulate lands like a pro and will definitely make life interesting for your opponents. I so need her for my Elf deck!

MTG kaladesh planeswalker2

Kaladesh also brings two multicolored planeswalkers to the party. Dovin Baan, for Blue/White and Saheeli Rai for Red/Blue. Both of these planeswalkers bring very interesting  abilities.

Dovin's minus one is particularly interesting as it offers 2 life and the ability to draw a card. This may be particularly nasty as he keeps restoring damage that's been done.

MTG kaladesh planeswalker1

And Saheeli has two abilities that allow her to dig/manipulate artifacts, and her plus one makes her a very desirable addition for Commander decks as she can do damage to EACH opponent.

Will you be exploring the innovation of Kaladesh?

"This will be set one of two and features 240 cards, that not only look fabulous but includes four planeswalkers..."

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