New Releases For Flames Of War Brings Big Guns & Bigger Buildings

September 25, 2020 by avernos

Battlefront has been showing off some of the fantastic new releases for Flames of War as the Eastern Front hots up in Bagration. A mixture of miniatures, game aids and a new terrain set in plastic makes this a set of releases all 15mm fans should be checking out.

M3 Scout transport

M3 Scout Transports (SU206) // Battlefront Miniatures

The M3 Scout box set includes three Resin and metal M3 Scout Transports and four Unit Cards for your Soviet forces to get them where they need to be in short order, whether it's reinforcing a flank or taking an objective speed and firepower at a point is key and the M3 has that in spades.

The US M3 Scout Car was another piece of Western equipment sent to the Eastern Front to aid the Soviets in their battle against the invading Wehrmacht. Employed by the Red Army’s reconnaissance companies, the M3 Scout Transports were used to dash forward through machine-gun fire, returning fire with their own .50 cal MG. Once at close range, the infantry would dismount and assault in a short and bloody attack.

100mm heavy tank-killer company

100mm Heavy Tank-Killer Company (SU521) // Battlefront Miniatures

The second miniature release is the 100mm Heavy Tank-killer company the box includes two metal 100mm guns and one Unit Card. The 100mm BS-3 anti-tank gun is one of the most powerful anti-tank gun produced during the war. Despite mainly being used in an antitank role, the weapon’s calibre means that its High Explosive (HE) round is extremely effective; allowing it to fulfil duel roles on the battlefield. With a 32" range, Anti-Tank of 15 and a Firepower of 2+ very few targets will be untouchable by this beast as it has a serious punch that will make even the Late-War monsters quake.

bagration soviet

Soviet Guards Token & Objective Set (SU905) // Battlefront Miniatures

The final Soviet box is a Soviet Guards token set for all those who like to theme their playing experience with specific tokens for their army then look no further. The box includes two Ranged In tokens, four Foxholes tokens, eight Pinned Down/ Bailed Out tokens, one Leader token, four Gone To Ground tokens and one Anti-Aircraft token. 

City Ruins (Plastic) (BB300) // Battlefront Miniatures

The City Ruins box includes 32 pieces, allowing you to build a large ruined city building. These plastic ruined pieces allow you to construct a wide variety of buildings, making each ruined building or city block look unique. Combine multiple sets to create larger buildings, or vary the level of destruction, to add some new tactical challenges to your tabletop.

Box Contents // City Ruins

Building Stalingrad is always a daunting task and up until now either required a ton of scratch building talent or a lot of money for resin terrain. With this new hard plastic set, it should become a more convenient prospect and at the same time lighter on the wallet. They certainly project a commanding view of the tabletop with four stories to set up your defence of the Motherland from. At the same time, these buildings are generic enough that Team Yankee players will be clamouring after them as well.

Another terrific set of releases for Soviet players from Battlefront, now I just need some reinforcements for my Germans and I'll be a happy field marshal.

Will you be building Stalingrad on your table?

"With this new hard plastic set, it should become a more convenient prospect and at the same time lighter on the wallet. "

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