Peek At New Rules & Creepy Creatures For Burrows & Badgers

November 3, 2020 by brennon

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Oathsworn Miniatures have been working away in the background on all sorts of new bits and pieces for the world of Burrows & Badgers. A Kickstarter is still lined up for next year and it will feature some creepy miniatures like the terrifying Necratmancer!

Necratmancer - Oathsworn Miniatures

Necratmancer // Oathsworn Miniatures

All manner of additional ghouls and ghasts are going to be making their way to the tabletop for Burrows & Badgers including some creatures that the Necratmancer has summoned forth from the other side to do battle against his foes.

Ancient Warrior Wildcat - Oathsworn Miniatures

Ancient Warrior Wildcat // Oathsworn Miniatures

I really like the influence here from Warhammer of old and it's quite fun to see Burrows & Badgers going in another new direction with the kind of creatures you can meet on your travels. As someone who enjoys the idea of themed warbands, I am quite looking forward to introducing a whole host of undead creatures into the mix led by someone like the Necratmancer!

New Modes Of Play

In addition to the new miniature previews we got for the Kickstarter, Michael of Oathsworn also talked about some new ways for you to play the game. There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes on things like a Map-Based Campaign and Solo and Co-Op Rules for the world of Burrows & Badgers too.

Advanced Open Battle Scenario

The first of the new options you can test out is the new Open Battle Scenario which is a little more advanced than normal. It introduces a new selection of set-up rules, a mission chart for you to delve into and random events that can hit as you're going about your day.

Burrows & Badgers Solo Rules

In addition to the new scenario, Michael has also taken a little bit of time to refine the Solo Rules for use with the core rules of Burrows & Badgers. This allows you to take on a warband automated by a series of flowcharts and means that you can keep gaming even while in lockdown.

Stormclouds Over Northymbra

The final set of rules are for Stormclouds Over Northymbra and they are a new set of rules which allow you to play out solo and co-operative engagements against an A.I controlled warband. These are set apart from the normal Burrows & Badgers rules and you'll also need to download the new Cards & Flowcharts in order to dive in and give this one a go.

It should be noted that Stormclouds Over Northymbra hasn't yet been properly tested so this is where you can help out! Get involved and give it a go before maybe coming back to the Facebook Group and telling your stories.

This all sounds rather fun and I am looking forward to giving it a go!

"Michael of Oathsworn also talked about some new ways for you to play the game..."

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